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Fri Mar 22 2019


> read lab papers

You pick up a stack of papers and start glancing through their titles.

Coordinated morphogenesis of neurons and glia. Elizabeth R. Lamkin and Maxwell G. Heiman, Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2017. pdf

A conserved role for Girdin in basal body positioning and ciliogenesis. Inna V. Nechipurenko, Anique Olivier-Mason, Anna Kazatskaya, Julie Kennedy, Ian G. McLachlan, Maxwell G. Heiman, Oliver E. Blacque, and Piali Sengupta, Developmental Cell 2016. pdf

Duplication of a single neuron in C. elegans reveals a pathway for dendrite tiling by mutual repulsion.
Zhiqi Candice Yip and Maxwell G. Heiman, Cell Reports 2016. pdf

Computer-assisted transgenesis of Caenorhabditis elegans for deep phenotyping.
Cody L. Gilleland, Adam T. Falls, James Noraky, Maxwell G. Heiman, and Mehmet F. Yanik, Genetics 2015. pdf

You can type MORE to see more, or put the papers down if you are done reading.