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Wed Mar 29 2023


Lineage-specific control of convergent differentiation by a Forkhead repressor. Karolina Mizeracka, Julia M. Rogers, Shai Shaham, Martha L. Bulyk, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Development 2021. pdf

Cell-type-specific promoters for C. elegans glia. Wendy Fung *, Leigh Wexler *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Journal of Neurogenetics 2020. pdf

Dendrites with specialized glial attachments develop by retrograde extension using SAX-7 and GRDN-1. Elizabeth R. Cebul *, Ian G. McLachlan *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Development 2020. pdf

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> go to Max's office

"Hi - come on in."

You walk into Max's office. There is a large window here. Some pictures are hanging on the wall.

"Feel free to look around, or I'm happy to tell you about myself or what we work on."

> look through microscope

You place a petri dish on the microscope and look through the eyepieces. Dozens of nematodes are crawling around. As you focus on one, a wave of vertigo sweeps over you. You are falling... falling... until you find yourself...

You are inside a single C. elegans nematode. There are 959 cells here, including 302 neurons and 50 glia. Sensory neurons in the head extend to the nose tip. They appear to make interesting contacts with glia, but you would need to examine them more closely to see the fine structure.