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Sun Mar 3 2024


You are standing in a lab on the 14th floor of the CLS building. There are benches with microscopes in front of you. Several lab members are working nearby. A breakroom and an office are to your right. There is a petri dish here.

What would you like to do?

> read lab papers

You pick up a stack of papers and start glancing through their titles.

A sex-specific switch in a single glial cell patterns the apical extracellular matrix. Wendy Fung, Taralyn M. Tan, Irina Kolotuev, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Current Biology 2023. pdf

When is a neuron like an epithelial cell. Maxwell G. Heiman, Developmental Biology 2022. pdf

Axon-dendrite and apical-basolateral sorting in a single neuron. Monique Lillis, Nathan J. Zaccardi, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Genetics 2022. pdf

Loss of the extracellular matrix protein DIG-1 causes glial fragmentation, dendrite breakage, and dendrite extension defects. Megan K. Chong *, Elizabeth R. Cebul *, Karolina Mizeracka *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Journal of Developmental Biology 2021. pdf

Lineage-specific control of convergent differentiation by a Forkhead repressor. Karolina Mizeracka, Julia M. Rogers, Shai Shaham, Martha L. Bulyk, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Development 2021. pdf

Cell-type-specific promoters for C. elegans glia. Wendy Fung *, Leigh Wexler *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Journal of Neurogenetics 2020. pdf

Dendrites with specialized glial attachments develop by retrograde extension using SAX-7 and GRDN-1. Elizabeth R. Cebul *, Ian G. McLachlan *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Development 2020. pdf

You can type MORE to see the remaining papers, or put the papers down if you are done reading.