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Wed Mar 29 2023


Start typing commands to explore the lab. Some of the things you can do are:

- look through a microscope
- talk with lab members
- go to Max's office
- get our mailing address and phone number
- read some of our papers

> talk to lab members

You introduce yourself to the lab members standing nearby. "Hi. I'm visiting." They introduce themselves: there are two graduate students, Candice and Elizabeth; a postdoc, Karolina; and a lab manager, Megan; plus a technician, Winnie, who helps with culture media. A small glowing box holds the memories of former lab members. Who would you like to talk to?

> get contact info

"Where am I, anyway?" you ask aloud.

A hollow voice responds:
Heiman Lab
CLS 14047, Genetics
3 Blackfan Circle
Boston MA 02115