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Tue Jun 18 2024


Welcome to the Heiman Lab!

You are standing in a lab on the 14th floor of the CLS building. There are benches with microscopes in front of you. Several lab members are working nearby. A breakroom and an office are to your right. There is a petri dish here.

What would you like to do?

> look through microscope

You place a petri dish on the microscope and look through the eyepieces. Dozens of nematodes are crawling around. As you focus on one, a wave of vertigo sweeps over you. You are falling... falling... until you find yourself...

You are inside a single C. elegans nematode. There are 959 cells here, including 302 neurons and 50 glia. Sensory neurons in the head extend to the nose tip. They appear to make interesting contacts with glia, but you would need to examine them more closely to see the fine structure.

A gentle light filters in through the transparent skin. An outer covering, like a sheer curtain, makes interesting patterns in the light.