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Tue Nov 29 2022


Welcome to the Heiman Lab!

You are standing in a lab on the 14th floor of the CLS building. There are benches with microscopes in front of you. Several lab members are working nearby. An office is to your right. There is a petri dish here.

What would you like to do?

> read lab papers

You pick up a stack of papers and start glancing through their titles.

When is a neuron like an epithelial cell. Maxwell G. Heiman, Developmental Biology 2022. pdf

Axon-dendrite and apical-basolateral sorting in a single neuron. Monique Lillis, Nathan J. Zaccardi, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Genetics 2022. pdf

Loss of the extracellular matrix protein DIG-1 causes glial fragmentation, dendrite breakage, and dendrite extension defects. Megan K. Chong *, Elizabeth R. Cebul *, Karolina Mizeracka *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Journal of Developmental Biology 2021. pdf

Lineage-specific control of convergent differentiation by a Forkhead repressor. Karolina Mizeracka, Julia M. Rogers, Shai Shaham, Martha L. Bulyk, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Development 2021. pdf

Cell-type-specific promoters for C. elegans glia. Wendy Fung *, Leigh Wexler *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Journal of Neurogenetics 2020. pdf

Dendrites with specialized glial attachments develop by retrograde extension using SAX-7 and GRDN-1. Elizabeth R. Cebul *, Ian G. McLachlan *, and Maxwell G. Heiman, Development 2020. pdf

You can type MORE to see the remaining papers, or put the papers down if you are done reading.