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Wed Dec 6 2023


Welcome to the Heiman Lab!

You are standing in a lab on the 14th floor of the CLS building. There are benches with microscopes in front of you. Several lab members are working nearby. A breakroom and an office are to your right. There is a petri dish here.

What would you like to do?

> talk to lab members

You introduce yourself to the lab members standing nearby. "Hi. I'm visiting." They introduce themselves: there are two graduate students, Wendy Fung and Rachel Swope; a postdoc, Leland Wexler; a visiting scientist, Valeri Thomson; a lab manager, Berenice Chavez Rojas; an undergraduate, Ashlee Tan; plus a technician, Winnie Tung, who helps with culture media. A small glowing box holds the memories of former lab members. Who would you like to talk to?