Distance from nose (arbitrary units)
ASE - AFD 0 µm
AFD - AWA 0 µm
ASE - AWA 0 µm

Interactive bundle browser

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Left, summary plot showing frequency with which the dendrite "in the middle" is ASE (red), AFD (blue), or AWA (yellow) at each position along the amphid bundle. Nose is at the top.

Center, population plot showing data for individual animals. Each column represents one animal.

Right, color bar showing statistical difference from random dendrite order, expressed as ranked p-values derived from permutation tests. Darker blue represents a greater difference from random.

Mouse over the population plot to view the pairwise distances between dendrites and their inferred relative positions in that cross-section. The orientation of the resulting "triangle" in each cross-section is arbitrary.

Comparison to a random distribution
At this position, the number of animals with ASE, AFD, or AWA in the middle is _, _, and _, respectively. How likely is it that these values would be observed by sampling a random distribution? In permutation tests, values that were at least this different from random were sampled in _ of 500 trials (p-value rank = _/501). The smoothed p-value rank in this region (averaged over five positions) was _/501.